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Life Transition

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When our life is in flux and constantly changing it often creates feelings of stress and worry. Even things that we know are good and that we have chosen to change can have this impact. It is important to find ways to support ourselves to move through the transition smoothly.

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We offer the following services that can help with life Transition

Mindfulness Day retreats

The Day Retreats coincide with the ending of the 8 week courses; for current course participants it's an opportunity to consolidate learning with sustained periods of continuous practice. Previous course graduates and other folks experienced in the mindfulness perspective are also warmly welcomed.
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Residential Retreats

Residentials: long weekend, and 7 day silent led retreats in nature
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M'fulness DropIn Woodbridge

Monthly mindfulness practice re-charging sessions in Woodbridge
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Mindfulness Course Ipswich

Group trainings dedicated to cultivating one's personal/professional mindfulness practice
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Mindfulness Drop-in Ipswich

Monthly mindfulness practice re-charging sessions in Ipswich
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Meeting our fear, grief & despair re daily news of the accelerating decline of planetary living conditions - stepping beyond denial and distraction, finding a new perspective from which to do what matters.
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