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Given that full time work usually accounts for one third of our waking hours each week, we have a lot of time to either enjoy our jobs or be unhappy in them. There are many factors that cause people to be unhappy at work, including managerial bullying, a toxic environment, long hours, difficult relationships or feeling isolated.

Individual coaching  or therapy can help you cope better with situations you cannot control, or decide how to develop or change the job you do. Clarify thoughts and empowering you to change your situation should result in a better working life.

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We offer the following services that can help with working Issues

Mindfulness Drop-in Ipswich

Monthly mindfulness practice re-charging sessions in Ipswich
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M'fulness DropIn Woodbridge

Monthly mindfulness practice re-charging sessions in Woodbridge
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Mindfulness Course Ipswich

Group trainings dedicated to cultivating one's personal/professional mindfulness practice
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M'fulness Course Woodbridge

Group trainings dedicated to cultivating a personal/professional mindfulness practice
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We have a number of events that could help you with working issues

Mindfulness in Nature, spring retreat
Coming to our senses in Nature
Retreat into 13 acres of mediaeval woodland
2020 May 01
2020 May 03
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