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Anger is an important and useful emotion. But sometimes it gets out of hand and the tail is wagging the dog. It is important to understand and manage our anger to lead a life that works better for us and the people around us.

Research shows that experiencing frequent anger is a stronger predictor of dying young than better known risk factors such as high blood pressure, smoking or high cholesterol. Anger does more harm to the heart than any other emotion.

An angry person in a sense becomes stupid, because their higher brain function has been inhibited from working by the more primitive emotional part of  the brain taking control. Anger reduces immunity by lowering the white blood count that is one of our main mechanisms to fight infection.

Everyone who is capable of mental concentration and who is motivated to learn can be taught to control their anger. Anger is an addiction - we can learn to crave the high that an angry outburst gives us.

"Anyone can be angry, that is easy, but to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose and in the right way - that is not easy"  - Aristotle

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We offer the following services that can help with anger

Residential Retreats

Residentials: long weekend, and 7 day silent led retreats in nature
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Mindfulness Course Ipswich

Group trainings dedicated to cultivating one's personal/professional mindfulness practice
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Mindfulness Drop-in Ipswich

Monthly mindfulness practice re-charging sessions in Ipswich
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This is a short-term and goal-oriented treatment based on a practical approach to problem-solving. It aims to change the way we feel, by changing the patterns of thinking or behaviour that underlie our difficulties.
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Couples Coaching

For two people in a personal or intimate relationship, who want to work together on resolving issues and improving communication within that relationship.
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Compassion focussed therapy

Helps promote mental and emotional healing by encouraging you to be compassionate toward yourself and others. Compassion is an emotional response that is essential to our wellbeing: developing it improves our mental and emotional health.
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