Being Well in Suffolk

Residential Retreats

The following practitioners offer residential retreats

Residential Retreats in Nature:

The ‘Mindfulness-in-Nature’ retreats offer opportunities to consolidate, deepen and extend our mindfulness practices – and to re-connect with the land, both as meditators and in active engagement during woodland management work periods.

The long weekend in spring, and the autumn seven day silent, led retreats with mindfulness teachers: Martin Wilks and Robert Black and Gareth Burr – of the Independent Mindfulness teachers Guild, IMTG, bring a new opportunity for CPD to mindfulness practitioners and teachers that combines an affordable accessibility with the inspirational experience of being – temporarily – a woodland creature.



Upcoming Residential Retreats events

Mindfulness in Nature, spring retreat
Coming to our senses in Nature
Retreat into 13 acres of mediaeval woodland
2020 May 01
2020 May 03
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Dance Camp East
The magic of a festival - offering community, healing, and creativity
A family friendly event held on a beautiful meadow, offering a taste of sustainable living and participation in the natural and musical side of life
2020 Jul 25
2020 Aug 02