Being Well in Suffolk

Mindfulness Course (online)

The following practitioners offer mindfulness course (online)

The eight-week course could be considered as a “boot camp” for people who are hoping to cultivate and maintain the mindfulness perspective. Over the course of 8 weeks there is a growing sense of solidarity and mutual support amongst the group of fellow travellers. We will all know that it can be a struggle to learn ‘good habits’ – it’s only human to shy away from our best intentions and in the weekly debriefs we quickly learn that it’s not just us!  We learn from each other, from the course materials and – essentially – from our experiences, between the weekly meetings, of attempting to establish a daily practice and the sharing of those leaning experiences.

If you're not sure that Mindfulness Course (online) is for you, we also run taster events.

Free weekly Mindfulness online Drop-in groups

On Wednesday of each week at 7pm, via ZOOM video-conferencing, we hold our mindfulness 'free for all' event at which people who may be interested in the online 8 week mindfulness course can come for a taster and meet with graduates from previous courses.

Experience some of typical guided mindfulness meditation exercises that we explore in depth during the course.

Attendance is free; though you will need to reserve your place online by clicking the link below:

The next taster session