Being Well in Suffolk


The following practitioners offer eco-psychotherapy

Healing ourselves is not OTHER than healing our relationship with nature. After all, we are 'of nature'. Many learned contemporary commentators, academics and contemplative practitioners are in accord in recognising direct causal links between our society's distorted view of the planet's resources as exploitable 'entrepreneurial opportunities' and the wave of increasing psychological ill-health.

A growing awareness of a tsunami of mental ill-health issues is happening alongside the - increasingly more difficult to ignore - news of ecological, environmental breakdown and the mass extinction of multiple wild species of: animal, plant, insect, fish and microbial beings that used to contribute to the diversity of the web of life that sustains the human species.

However we position ourselves - along the spectrum from denial to hopeless resignation - at the very least there will be justifiable anxieties and fears for the future - particularly if we have children/grand-children. 

Personally, as an environmental activist since the mid 8o's I have had the painful opportunity to meet with my grief and despair and come out the other side with a new vitality for the work of  "the Great turning", as the inspirational ecologist and teacher Joanna Macy describes the process of shifting from the powerlessness of overwhelm to becoming part of the seeking to repair.

This work is frequently enhanced by working together outside in inspiring natural environments. The work is at the same time both personal and global - a fresh take on the old phrase: "think global, act local" Here is a link to a recording of a brief interview I did recently with Radio Suffolk's Georgy Jamieson on the topic: eco-anxiety / eco-psychotherapy - (the link will open in a new window next door to this which will remain open)