Being Well in Suffolk

Monthly Mindfulness Drop-in

Equanimity & Compassion when needed most - now!

Meetings start at 7 pm and will have the simple formula of:

  • a brief, initial, check-in about life and practice over the previous month
  • a period of guided mindfulness practice
  • followed by an opportunity to debrief about the experience of the practice
  • then more generally about the challenges to mindfulness practice in daily life.

We usually finish around 8.30


Upcoming Monthly Mindfulness Drop-in events

How to be here?
What to do now?
A monthly, Wednesday, mindfulness 'free for all' online drop-in group. Practicing together to develop the qualities of being and doing that optimise the experience and outcomes of this 'new era'
2022 Jan 05
Wed - 19:00 to 20:30 This event is free to attend