Being Well in Suffolk

One to One Work

We offer individual sessions to address issues in a more personal and bespoke way.

All of our practitioners will meet you 121 if you wish. You can arrange to ring and discuss your situation with any one of them to find out what they offer and decide if you would like to work with them. Take a look at each Practitioner's profile and phone or email them and they will contact you as soon as possible.

Alternatively, mail us on with your enquiry and it will be answered promptly.

Practitioners who offer One to One services are: Phil ManingtonSteve RocheCharlie Green, Martin Wilks, Sue Gray.  

Human Givens therapy

An HG therapist's training ensures that they have a sound body of scientifically-based knowledge and the proven skills to help people (both adults and children) as quickly as possible with a wide variety of emotional and behavioural difficulties, including the following.

Practitioners offering this: Charlie Green, Sue Gray


Meeting our fear, grief & despair re daily news of the accelerating decline of planetary living conditions - stepping beyond denial and distraction, finding a new perspective from which to do what matters.

Practitioners offering this: Martin Wilks

Couples Work

For two people in a personal or intimate relationship, who want to work together on resolving issues and improving communication within that relationship.

Practitioners offering this: Sue Gray

Compassion focussed therapy

Helps promote mental and emotional healing by encouraging you to be compassionate toward yourself and others. Compassion is an emotional response that is essential to our wellbeing: developing it improves our mental and emotional health.

Practitioners offering this: Martin Wilks


This is a short-term and goal-oriented treatment based on a practical approach to problem-solving. It aims to change the way we feel, by changing the patterns of thinking or behaviour that underlie our difficulties.

Practitioners offering this: Martin Wilks


ACT is a scientific approach with an emphasis on values, forgiveness, acceptance, compassion, living in the present moment, and accessing a transcendent sense of self. Reducing symptoms is a by-product rather than the goal of treatment. It has been called “an existential humanistic CBT".

Practitioners offering this: Martin Wilks


Our team has first-hand experience of this debilitating condition. We can offer expert coaching to support you in learning how to understand and manage it for yourself, so you can lead as full and satisfying a life as possible.