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Day retreats:

These events offered as community support for ongoing development and deepening of mindfulness practice. As such they are not ideal for beginners, though in some cases beginners could be welcomed.

I extend a warm welcome both to ex-students of mine; and to others who have trained elsewhere – in either contemporary secular mindfulness, or via the Buddhist sangha, or via mindfulness informed alternative therapies: yoga, tai-chi, bodywork etc. We can all benefit from a respectful sharing of perspectives.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Intended as a day for deepening personal practice, support, networking and facilitated group inter-vision; the balance between these intentions  will depend upon the group composition and the stated individual needs and preferences of participants. As well as serving as a refresher for mindfulness practices typically used in an 8 week (or 2weekend) course we’ll work with new practices such as: ‘loving kindness’ and ‘compassion’.

Day Retreats happen towards the end of each school term, to co-incide with the ‘termly’ MBSR/MBCT courses.

The ‘Mindfulness-in-Nature’ retreats offer opportunities to consolidate, deepen and extend our mindfulness practices – and to re-connect with the land, both as meditators and in active engagement during woodland management work periods.

The long weekend in spring, and the autumn seven day silent, led retreats with mindfulness teachers: Martin Wilks and Robert Black and Gareth Burr – of the Independent Mindfulness teachers Guild, IMTG, bring a new opportunity for CPD to mindfulness practitioners and teachers that combines an affordable accessibility with the inspirational experience of being – temporarily – a woodland creature.


Mindfulness Day retreats

The Day Retreats coincide with the ending of the 8 week courses; for current course participants it's an opportunity to consolidate learning with sustained periods of continuous practice. Previous course graduates and other folks experienced in the mindfulness perspective are also welcome to join us.

Practitioners offering this: Martin Wilks

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Day Retreat for Mindful Practitioners
Deepening in practice - a day of sustained engagement
2019 Nov 02
Sat - 10:00 to 17:00

Residential Retreats

Residentials: long weekend, and 7 day silent led retreats in nature

Practitioners offering this: Martin Wilks


Meeting our fear, grief & despair re daily news of the accelerating decline of planetary living conditions - stepping beyond denial and distraction, finding a new perspective from which to do what matters.

Practitioners offering this: Martin Wilks