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Phil Manington

Coach & Trainer

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As a coach, I believe you can be as happy, successful and fulfilled as you choose to be. I want to help you live the life that inspires you to reach your greatest potential.

About Me

The thing that gives me the biggest buzz is when I’m able to make a difference in people’s lives.  I love doing what I do; I enjoy working with clients and admire their resolve in making often significant changes in their lives. 

I use my skills and experience to help people to discover what they really want and then to help them achieve it.  I get great satisfaction from learning from my clients what’s really important to them and then sharing their journey as they create more fulfilling and rewarding lives for themselves.

I believe that we all have unique talents and abilities – it is simply that sometimes, for a variety of reasons, we are unable to access them.  Basically, “stuff” gets in the way.  I love helping people clear away their personal obstacles and supporting them as they rediscover their true selves.  I am committed to my own personal growth and use my development in combination with business and professional experience to help my clients accomplish their highest goals and move towards their full potential.

I currently offer one-to-one coaching, training and workshops for personal and business clients.  I specialise in building self-confidence and self-esteem, increasing emotional intelligence, developing leadership skills and improving relationships.

How I Work

Practitioners within the BWIS group have differing skillsets and approaches. This tab refers to the individual’s ways of working rather than the group as a whole.

I work with individuals wishing to make some form of significant changes happen in their lives. Sessions can be face to face, telephone or Skype.

We meet formally as arranged, but I am available  between those times. You can call or email me between our regular sessions if you need advice, have a problem or can’t wait to share a success. I do not bill for additional time of this type, but ask that you keep the extra calls to around 10 minutes each.

Coaching is most effective if you come to the session prepared, so I encourage you to email me before each call with e.g. successes, problems, questions, and what you want to focus on.

Termination: Because of the time, scope and nature of our work I encourage an initial commitment of three months. However, you are free to cancel the agreement at any time after the first month, although I appreciate a few weeks’ notice so we can have closure.

Confidentiality: I undertake to hold the content of all our coaching sessions in complete confidence. I will not at any time use information about clients for my own benefit, nor will I disclose information to any third party. I will not divulge that I am in a coaching relationship with you, without your permission.

Nature of Relationship: We work together for your well-being and success. Coaching represents an equal relationship between two adults and as such is not to be construed as any type of therapy or psychological counselling. Clients enter into coaching with the understanding that they are responsible for creating their own results. Any actions and decisions made by the client are solely their responsibility. The coach shall in no way be held liable or responsible for any actions taken or not taken by the client. The coach makes no guarantees or warranties, expressed or implied, about any results to be achieved.

Referrals: My practice fills by referrals and I prefer to limit the amount of time spent on marketing in order to give as much time as possible to my clients. If you are benefiting from our relationship, I would appreciate your suggesting that appropriate colleagues and friends of yours speak with me.

I know many coaches and their specialities. I will be happy to speak with anyone you send me, and will introduce them to the coach who I think is qualified and ‘right’ for their needs.


Martin Saunders
21 July 2017
You provide excellent insight and guidance whilst making me think about what's important and how I can improve. I always look forward to our meeting and after I feel encouraged and full of ideas which you have helped me develop, whilst keeping me focused on the most significant points in readiness for our next meeting. I would to recommend you without hesitation.
Carol D
08 January 2018
One to one coaching
I feel that the session really got me moving so thank you so much for your time and attention and the sensitivity with which you notice the little things I say and do and which reveal so much.
Chris B
22 December 2006
One - one coaching
"From a personal perspective I want to thank you for the part you have played in this. Your support and kindness has helped me to come through this time and into a new phase of my life. From a business perspective, you have been there to help me to learn how to set up a business and how to make the leap."

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