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Steve Roche

NLP Coach & Therapist

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I am dedicated to helping people find meaning and purpose in their lives and work, and developing the resilience to make the best of all aspects of their life.

About Me

Hello. I've been involved in wellbeing and personal development for many years, working with individuals and groups in a range of organisations. 

My mission is to help people to understand themselves better and clear their limitations so they can develop to full capacity and achieve their potential in life.

I teach courses in Peer Support because it is hugely important in my own life and I regularly see what a massive difference it makes to others.

I teach Life Coaching Skills for similar reasons. As a professional Coach I help people to discover meaning and purpose in their lives. My popular book on Self-Coaching is called Get Your Ducks in a Row. As an experienced hypnotherapist I can help with addictions and phobias. I was diagnosed with ME/CFS many years ago, and after making a full recovery, have helped a number of people to learn how to understand and manage the condition.

In business I worked in project management and consultancy. I am a certified NLP coach and IAF-accredited facilitator, with many years experience of running courses, groups and networks.

In other parts of life I am a trained actor regularly seen on Suffolk stages. I write for websites, blogs, and business: author of Action Learning: Using the Power of Group Thinking, and What's On Top? An Introduction to Co-Counselling, featured in A Coach’s Story, and writer for Alchemy Performance Assistant. I am available for engagements as a motivational speaker.


Fees and Costs

The BWIS group pages define the costs for events and services on the relevant pages. This page describes the fees and costs for this individual team member ONLY. Other team members may have different costs and fees.

Fees                  Individual Coaching                            £60 per hour

                            Couple Coaching (2 Coaches)        £160 first   session 90 mins. Follow up 60 mins £110.


02 September 2018
Coaching on speaking in public
“What helped? Our determination to resolve my difficulties combined with the way you tackled the issues by breaking them down into initially some very practical tools leading to working on the more 'murky' bits that are inside my head. I have 'volunteered' to do a presentation on 25 Nov. Hi, I am fine, my talk went really well, what is even more worrying I think I enjoyed it!!!!!”
02 September 2018
Coaching - relationships
“I found you really easy to communicate with. Your empathy was obvious by the way you responded to what I was saying without my having to repeat things or explain in greater detail. You have a great ability to be able to analyse a situation and to get to the crux of a problem very quickly. You were extremely supportive and your encouragement meant a lot to me. I always felt you really wanted to help me and that it was more than just a job to you. I believe you are genuinely personally interested in your clients' progress.”
02 September 2018
Coaching on business building
“I feel you have really helped me so much and that I now need to work on the positive ideas you have given me. My personal life is changing and I have support and someone to share my business with me so I feel that at present I do not need the June coaching call. I would love to 'leave the door open' and have the option of being in contact with you in the future. Meanwhile I will highly recommend you to my friends and contacts and thank you sincerely for all the help you have given me.”
02 September 2018
Therapeutic coaching
“I owe you a huge great thank you for having the time and patience for me when I most needed it, for helping to put me back together, and for basically keeping me alive to be able to enjoy where I am now.”
02 September 2018
Coaching on confidence and motivation
“Thanks Steve, I am definitely in a better place now. I have started to work on some of the things we talked about, which feels very positive!”
02 September 2018
Life coaching
“I was surprised how quickly I managed to make progress. You made very good use of the time in the coaching calls, and always got to the heart of the matter very quickly. I never felt you were trying to hurry me though, and I felt you always gave me your full undivided attention during the call. You have a great sense of humour and you are an excellent coach. Thank you for all your help.”

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    Can you really coach yourself? Yes you can. This friendly & readable book guides you through the process. You will get clearer about: - what you want - how to get started - what gets in the way - how to stay motivated. Follow these steps to complete your own successful project, while growing your skills, confidence, and self-esteem. Once you get your ducks in a row there’ll be no stopping you. Steve has taught life coaching skills for many years, and worked with numerous people to help them learn and grow, and get more of what they want from life.

    Can you really coach yourself? Yes! This friendly readable guide shows you how. Complete your own successful project, while growing your skills, confidence, and self-esteem

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