Being Well in Suffolk

Welcome to the BWIS Therapy page

During the Covid 19 period we are still offering sessions on line. Do get in touch

We can help you with emotional and psychological problems, so you can you resolve conflicts and dilemmas, deal with traumas, get your needs met and your life back on track. We work with individuals and couples. The approaches we use include NLP Coaching, Psychotherapy, CBT, & Human Givens.

All our therapists are professionally trained and qualified, and adhere to the appropriate codes and guidelines of ethical practice as required by their training organisations. You can expect confidentiality, kindness and respect in your engagement with us.

Meet the Team

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Coach Sue

Sue Gray

Therapist Trainer Consultant

I work in a variety of ways - one to one therapy, training & facilitation and as a consultant with organisations. At present I am offering sessions on line at a reduced rate.

Coach Charlie

Charlie Green

Therapeutic Coach & Trainer


Coach Martin

Martin Wilks

Chartered Psychologist & Mindfulness teacher

I work with mindfulness as a catalyst for personal and societal change. Cultivating a more mindful way of being with ourselves, each other, & our environment; as a local and a global community working towards pro-social, cultural evolution