Being Well in Suffolk




In the language (Pali) of traditional Buddhist teachings, the word dana translates to ‘generosity’ or ‘offerings’. Giving and Taking opportunities to be generous is considered enabling of spiritual development. For many years all of my mindfulness learning opportunities were offered, and received, according to the dana tradition. The idea is that ‘the dharma’ (the teachings of the path of enlightenment) are precious / priceless, and hence teachings are freely offered along with an invitation to recipients to contribute to the sustainability of this practice by offering their dana.

Dana need not be expressed solely as a money gift; exchange: of services, barter, enabling useful networking, etc. Dana can be in cash or in kind.

The classic example of dana is of villagers offering monks their daily food in their begging bowls.

The dana tradition doesn’t translate easily from traditional cultures into contemporary western consumerism; but during this period of the suspension of the "business as usual" it seems a great opportunity to explore economic alternatives - such as the gift/exchange economy. Here is a link by which sterling contributions can be given: PayPal.Me/FlexPS 

And whether in cash or in kind, any donations will be gratefully received.