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PSN - 5 sessions March to June

Peer Support Network- Self-help, Inspiration & Friendship
Come and discover an accessible and enjoyable way to support you and others. Learn more about yourself; develop your confidence and resilience. Personal development that will change your life. Bursaries availiable.

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2020 Mar 21
Sat - 10:00 to 16:00 £350 per ticket

Address may not be the same for all events in course

PSN course 2020:
The training will be in Ipswich. You need to be able to attend all dates:
Sat 21 March 
10.00-4.00. Tue 31 March 7.00pm-9.30pm. Tue 4 Apr  7.00pm-9.30pm.  Sat 25 Apr 10.00-2.00.
Further Skills weekend Sat 6 and Sun 7 June 10.00-4.00.

What is PSN CCi?
The PSN CCi network is a community of people who have been trained to use peer support for themselves and each other, to make a difference in their own lives and in the world around them. Once you have completed the basic skills training you can join a world-wide network at no cost. PSN CCi is free for life.

What does it offer?
Emotional Support, Inspiration, Personal Development, and tools for Action. That means:       
    - The opportunity to take charge of our own lives        
   - Ways to recognise our core needs and to live more authentically        
   - Building emotional literacy with information from neuroscience        
   - Self-knowledge and inner peace: expands a practice of mindfulness        
   - The culture and the practical tools to bring about change        
   - Valuable skills for promoting empowerment in others        
   - Free lifetime membership of local, national and international peer networks.

PSN CCi gives you personal and emotional support by providing a safe and confidential place to talk about your feelings. It begins with a free Taster (via E:Gym or a phone call), followed by a training over 5 sessions in which you learn how to use a peer network, a framework for exchanging time with others. And you will find out a lot about yourself and how your emotional life works. You learn through experience by trying things out. The teaching is informal with little need for theory or notes. PSN CCi is based on well-established psychological and psychodynamic principles.

How do I join the PSN CCI network?  The training takes place between March and June, including daytime, evenings and weekends. Completing the first 4 sessions allows you to join the PSN CCi network in Suffolk. People get together in person or on the phone or skype. Successful completion of the whole course gives full membership of Co-Counselling International (CCI) which is a worldwide community of like-minded people.  Come and meet us at the monthly free Meetup E.Gym – third Wednesday of the month at Quay Place, Ipswich at 6.30pm.  Give us a call with any questions.

Why do I need to do a course to join PSN CCI?  PSN CCi is a peer network run by all its members. There are no appointed leaders and each person takes responsibility for themselves and support of their peers. The course teaches a framework to make this work well and safely. The agreed culture, structure, and ways of working together create a high degree of safety and confidentiality. The training teaches all the skills and tools to promote effective change and support for each other, with plenty of time to practise them and build confidence. You will learn specific ways to facilitate your own and the other person’s work.

What are the costs?  The E-Gym is free. Once you have completed the course there is no charge to join the network or do sessions with people – it is a system that is Free for Life. The course is professionally delivered by highly experienced trainers so naturally it has a cost, which is currently £350 per person for the whole course (£300 if booked by the earlybird date). 
Employers often fund people to do PSN CCi training – contact us if you want help to put the case to your employer as to how it will be of benefit both to you and to them. They often give study leave too.

Bursaries are also available – get in touch with us. We do not want lack of money to stop anyone attending.  
Contact us to book, or for more information or with any questions.


About The Host

Sue Gray

Therapist Trainer Consultant


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