Being Well in Suffolk

Day Retreat for Mindful Practitioners

Deepening in practice - a day of sustained engagement
A day for coming back to yourself - supported by others doing the same thing
2019 Nov 02
Sat - 10:00 to 17:00 £60 per ticket

Event Detail

A day retreat allows for a more sustained and intensive cultivation of the mindfulness perspective. These retreats are for people who already have some experience of the practices of mindfulness meditation; perhaps coming to the end of an 8 week course, or graduates of previous 8 week courses. They are also suitable for mental health & well-being practitioners who are exploring how to weave the mindfulness and acceptance perspective into their therapeutic work with others. (CPD certificates will be available on prior request )

Intended as a day for deepening personal practice, support, networking and facilitated group inter-vision; the balance between these intentions will depend upon the group composition and the stated individual needs and preferences of participants. As well as serving as a refresher for mindfulness practices typically used in an 8 week  course we’ll work with new practices such as: ‘loving kindness’ and ‘compassion’.

The first half of the day will proceed in 'noble' silence that extends to include a gourmet lunch eaten in meditative silence. Most practices are led; mindful walks in nature in the afternoon are self-directed. We will also explore topics of concern through a group process of facilitated mindful inquiry.

I offer three retreats per year : spring, mid-summer and autumn –  Retreats will happen towards the end of each school term, to coincide with the ‘termly’ MBSR/MBCT courses.


This midsummer retreat will take place at "Dan's Meadow" on the Martlesham edge of Woodbridge. An advantage of this self-catering location is that the lunch will be lovingly prepared by my wife, and BWIS associate, Mary Foord-Brown

Gourmet luncheon menu

(v) = vegetarian,  (ve) = vegan,  (gf) = gluten free
Fragrant onion bhaji and chickpea fritters with coriander -  (ve), (gf)
Courgette and feta fritters with spring onion and mint -  (v), (gf)
Coconut and sweetcorn fritters with coriander -  (v) (gf)
Fresh Mango Salsa -  (ve) (gf)
Mango chutney  - (ve)  (gf)
Sweet chilli sauce  - (v)  (gf)
Cucumber mint and dill raita -  (v)  (gf)
Vegan mayo with lemon and garlic -  (ve)  (gf)
Coconut rice with spring onion, lime and coriander   (ve) (gf)
A selection of crackers - (v) and (gf)
Shopska Salad (v)  (gf)
Beetroot, olive and coriander salad with a lemon and garlic dressing -  (ve)  (gf)
Fudgey chocolate brownies with chocolate and strawberry chunks and a fresh strawberry layer - (ve) (gf)
Fruit sorbet - (ve) (gf)
Vanilla ice cream - (v) (gf)
If we're going to eat our meal together in mindful silence (and that's the plan - the practice of mindful eating) - then we may as well make it an experience to be truly savoured! 

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