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How to Improve Mood and Motivation

Change your sensory experience to shift your mood and increase motivation.
Our brains receive all information through our senses. So it makes sense to influence the 'input' as much as we can to make life as interesting, easy, and pleasurable as possible. There is a lot we can do, as our guest presenter will show you ...
2019 Oct 10
Thu - 19:00 to 21:00 Online price - £10On the door - £12

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Every moment of our day we are taking in information through our senses so we can make sense of our world, which then influences how we feel and what we expect. If you are living a busy life, you may not always be very aware of what is influencing you.

Sometimes the input is outside of our control, but more often than we realise, we can choose and influence what our senses take in. Every sensation we take in has an emotional response attached – and how we respond to that is often more in our control than we realise.

For example, when my mind is already full and I am driving home from delivering training , I may automatically put on the radio without consciously thinking about the impact of  doing that - my brain is having to process more and more information from the radio, adding to all the massive amount of current  already in my brain up. It is likely to be far better for me to drive in silence to begin with and just take in the world around me and allow time for precious reflection and be able to assimilate all the stimuli I have already received from the previous part of my day or evening, rather than adding more in from the radio.

We often know in theory what would be best for us, but in reality, especially when we are living our busy lives, we stay on autopilot or take short cuts to distractions. It makes such a difference to our wellbeing when we get more involved and conscious with influencing the input of our lives.

So what can we do to raise our awareness and get ideas of how to make a difference in our own lives?

How about coming along to this month’s Life Lounge where you will be invited to explore how we can influence all our five senses to calm and motivate through discussions, experiential offers and special guests who will be bringing essential oils for us to experience and understand further. Charlie is leading the session with special guest Vicky Barnes.

The Life Lounge is a place to come to get to know yourself better, to validate what you already do that is helping you create a life that works, and also gain new ideas to help you heal, change and grow. You will also meet like-minded people all curious and passionate about improving their way of being and living.

Meanwhile remember to make some healthy and nourishing choices about what goes into your brain.


About The Host

Charlie Green

Therapeutic Coach & Trainer


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Unfortunately This is an old event that's already happened. Contact the team if you're interested in similar events in the future, or browse our list of upcoming events


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