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Mindfulness in Nature, spring retreat

Coming to our senses in Nature
Retreat into 13 acres of mediaeval woodland

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2020 May 01
2020 May 03
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Mindfulness in Nature

The 'Mindfulness-in-Nature' retreats offer opportunities to consolidate, deepen and extend our mindfulness practices - and to re-connect with the land, both as meditators and in active engagement during woodland management work periods.

The long weekend in spring, and the autumn seven day silent, led retreats with mindfulness teachers: Martin Wilks  and Dr Gareth Burr - of the Independent Mindfulness teachers Guild, IMTG,  - bring a new opportunity for CPD to mindfulness practitioners and teachers that combines an affordable accessibility with the inspirational experience of being - temporarily - a woodland creature.


May 1'st- 3'rd 2020   Mindful in nature, silent-guided retreat.  Arriving on Friday 1st - until the Sunday pm


What better place to be – deep in the heart of woodlands – for rediscovering our own natural propensity for mindfulness, a return to nature and a return to our own natural state of mind. We are blessed in having private access to an ancient woodland in a medieval landscape.


We will work towards an experiencing of the perspective of the ecological self - from which we naturally come to know our ecological valuing and can re-set our subsequent committed actions in life to be in alignment with those values 

 These mindfulness in nature retreat will involve daily guided meditation undercover in the woods, as well as periods of silent self-directed meditation practice at a place of solitude discovered and made comfortable by each individual retreatant in their own way.


 A unique opportunity for mindfulness practitioners to consolidate and deepen their practice. Much of the time will be spent in noble silence - by agreeing amongst ourselves not to speak to each other we find the spaciousness to listen more fully to the sounds of the woods in season. To listen too, to our own inner dialogue, to notice when we are in it, and to notice ourselves noticing that.

Special areas of suitably soft and dry ground are set-aside for camping. The infrastructure of the living space is simple, with cosy fire-side sofas and dining area, showers, hot tub, sauna, and compost loos etc, though you will need to bring your own accommodation: tent, sleeping mat and sleeping bag. (and if that last bit is what puts you off - contact us to discuss options?)

We will be working with our comfort - and discomfort - with the elements as essential components of our practice. We will engage with beauty and boredom, within and without and embrace the many aspects of our experience in nature with an awakening mind.

The days' routine may include a period of woodland work, working on a specific task mindfully, and/or cooperating with others in community support activities such as food preparation, cleaning up activities, or managing the fires. We will conclude on the last day with a ceremonial ending of noble silence and preparing for the return to our regular worlds.

    bridgeAn offering from The independent Mindfulness Teachers Guild (IMTG)

An affiliation of like-minded mindfulness teachers and teachers of mindfulness-based approaches (MBAs). 

The East Anglian Interdependent Mindfulness Teachers peer group describes a group that grows in authority and stature in relation to the integrity of its members and with the peer groups that are co-affiliated and interconnected with it.

On this retreat we welcome guest teacher Filipa Pereira-Stubbs who will contribute from her specialism of mindfulness of the body in movement, touch and contact






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About The Host

Martin Wilks

Chartered Psychologist & Mindfulness teacher