Being Well in Suffolk

The Eco Crisis and Me

Climate emergency, Ecocide .... tell me about it!
Support & Empowerment in the face of ecological gloom, denial and despair
2020 Feb 13
Thu - 19:00 to 21:00 Online price - £10On the door - £12

Event Detail

Individual, group and societal behavioural changes are seemingly demanded by our precipitous ecological demise. Why hasn't the change needed happened already? 

A major obstacle to change is denial and although climate change science has recently broken through those deliberate clouds of doubt designed and funded by powerful corporate vested interest, there remains for many the personal phenomenon of ‘implicative denial’. This is a deep, unexamined reluctance to fully open up to and meet the implications of what scientists have been warning - virtually unheeded - for 4 decades. 

There is a name given to a growing 21st century phenomenon; Eco-anxiety. This is NOT a new diagnosis for psychologists to treat with talking therapy, nor for psychiatrists to medicate into submission. Rather, it describes a rational human response that can be a precursor for a deeper journey into, and through, despair.  Emerging thereafter - phoenix-like - on the other side of despair with a fresh sense of purpose, inspiration and willingness, buoyed up by finding a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation of, and in, nature as she currently is.

Join us for two hours of collaboration, guided reflection, dialogue and meaning making. Weaving together insights from Contextual Behavioural Science and the approach of deep ecologist Joanna Macy called ‘the work that reconnects’, let’s make a start on being the change we hope for. 

So, can we honour our anxiety as a rational human response to the dawning awareness of THE major 21'st century challenge for ourselves and our childrens' children - (and same goes for all other sentient beings!)

Making room for our feelings: grief, despair, helplessness IN ORDER to find a new sense of resolve. Developing new qualities of being and doing - personally and collectively - that are more in keeping with the demands of this time.  

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We look forward to seeing you there 

Martin and BWIS team x

About The Host

Martin Wilks

Chartered Psychologist & Mindfulness teacher


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