Being Well in Suffolk

EGym: Action Learning.

Action Learning is about being curious - what might make your life work better?
Safe lightly facilitated shared time to explore, reflect and turn ideas into happenings with support
2020 May 20
Wed - 18:30 to 19:30 This event is free to attend

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What we're about

Action Learning is about being curious. Picking something to explore, and then perhaps change, with the support and discussion with others. Is there a bit of a project you want to explore relating to improving how your life works just now. Make 2020 the best year yet? We'd be trying things out and then feeding back the next month to see how we got on, what we found out and what we want to explore next month.

As before the group is lightly facilitated by Sue & Steve (sometimes 1 of us sometimes both!) who are also part of the group. There is shared time - so each person is well heard. In the informality of Quay Place we will sit in comfy sofas drinking a cuppa.

Steve is an accredited Action learning Coach so if you have any specific questions do ask. Here is a link summarizing Action Learning by Steve

He has also written a book on the subject

One related thing to Action Learning and The Listening Circles that Sue and Steve are part of is the PSN CCi network. It is a community of people who use peer support for themselves and 6each other. It offers Inspiration, Emotional Support, Personal Development, and tools for Action. The training in peer support is in 2 parts. The second part leads to full membership of Co-Counselling International (CCI). More information about CCI at:

What do the courses offer?

· The opportunity to take charge of our own lives · Ways to recognise our core needs and live more authentically · Building emotional literacy with information from neuroscience Self-knowledge and inner peace: expands a practice of mindfulness · The culture and the practical tools to bring about change · Valuable skills for promoting empowerment in others · Free lifetime membership of local, national and international peer networks.

For course dates info or questions do contact me via site or at Sue Gray: 07885 525188

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Parking beside the cetnre or on single yellow lines over the road.