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Surfing the Covid era

Where & When the wave breaks ...
There and then - do we strive to get back to the way we were, or shall we stride forwards to the way we might become?
2020 Jun 11
Thu - 18:30 to 20:00 Online price - £5On the door - £5

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 The Covid lockdown at the end of March hit us with the irresistible force of a tsunami wave; yet just two weeks later a national YouGov poll (reported in the Independent newspaper):

Britons enjoying cleaner air, better food and stronger social bonds say they don’t want to return to ‘normal’

Poll suggests only nine per cent of public want full return to pre-lockdown life

Only nine per cent of Britons want to return to life as normal after the end of the lockdown triggered by the corona virus pandemic, according to a poll.

The spread of the virus has led to some of the most dramatic interventions in daily life across the country since the Second World War, with people forced to remain in their homes except for exercise and essential shopping.

Yet a YouGov poll suggests many people see positives amid the crisis.

Fifty-one per cent of respondents said they had noticed cleaner air, and 27 per cent said they had recognised more wildlife since the lockdown began.

Forty per cent said they felt a stronger sense of community in their local area since the virus shut down “normal” life, while 39 per cent said they had been more in touch with friends and family.

The survey – commissioned by the Food, Farming and Countryside Commission (FFCC) and the Food Foundation charity – suggests an overwhelming majority hope to see some personal and social changes continue following the pandemic, with fewer than one in 10 wanting a full return to how things were before.

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As society now (June) shifts from ‘staying at home’ to ‘staying alert’ - along with our shift from the easing of our new normal’  into whatever becomes our ‘future normal’ let’s really stay alert to the possibilities for building a more functional ‘re-setting’.

Let’s determine to play our part in co-creating our new normal. 

Maybe - like never before - now is a time for a grassroots up-swelling; a wave of people power making what we may of opportunities for redesigning our future normal. Because we can be pretty sure that the old guard of oligarchs and power-mongers will be hoping to rapidly rebuild our old fossil-fuelled perpetual growth economy just A.S.A.P. It’s what they know best! They are very few and we are very many - (los pueblos unidas etc, etc)

Co-incidentally, in mid March, I, (Martin) was was embroiled in a spirited email list argument about how an international scientific association, (the Association of Contextual Behavioural Science) could virtually halve our carbon footprint by moving from annual to bi-ennial ‘in person’ conferences; interspersed with biennial online conferences. Struggling to continue to get my point over as co-vid news appeared on the horizon I suggested the following metaphor:

“It’s as if we’re all piled into a souped up, fossil fuelled racing car hurtling towards the precipice (of ecological destruction) when a wasp flies in through the open window causing such a commotion that the vehicle slows down as everyone tries to shoo this immediate threat back out of the window. Before we stamp our heavy feet back on the accelerator, shall we take the opportunity and check again where we want to be heading to in such a hurry?”

Turns out now that we probably will be having an online conference this year! 

Think Global, ACT local - an old adage from the 60’s - but still at the essential heart of grassroots change. How will we - defined as those present at the workshop and those whom we subsequently choose to include - ensure that our future normal - where the wave breaks on the shore - is informed/shaped by what we have come to value in this ‘new normal’ period of lockdown, enhanced by the best scientific advice available, and aiming for a vast improvement upon the old normal towards which we know we have no wish to return.

Our workshop will surf this covid wave - a rich interactive sharing of personal experience, hopes and intentions via zoom and using a model known as “Pro-social group design” - weaving together insights and contemporary best practices from evolutionary science and contextual behavioural science.   

Take-aways from the workshop:

  • You'll have a clearer idea about the qualities of being and doing that you've appreciated during lockdown
  • You'll have identified some specific steps you could hope to take in the direction  of active participation in creating your new normal
  • You'll be better aware of what, from you're inner world, is likely to get in your way
  • You'll have identified some of your typical avoidance behaviours
  • You'll have heard, from others on the call, how typically human all of this is, and feel emboldened by the solidarity of the shared exploration

In 90 mins it can be but a taste - AND, if it whets your appetite, there’s more to come?

 Timings for this evening:

 6.20 pm - join us on zoom and settle in (gives everyone time to sort any technical issues. Please do be on line with us at 6.30 pm.

6.30 pm – Welcome from BWIS and introductions

6.40 pm – Martin Wilks hosts our evening ‘Surfing the Covid Era’

7.40 pm – sharing round – what are you taking away?

7.50 pm – BWIS round up and sharing of other events

8.00 pm - close 

For the set-up of technology:

Once you sign up, you will receive an additional email from BWIS with instructions on how to access the session on Zoom.

You may need to download zoom and create an account?

Please log on 5-10 mins before the session to check you can get online and audio is working etc . 

Remember that the cost of The Life Lounge has been halved as we are now online - sign up for only £5. If, for whatever personal reason, the fee is a barrier to your attendance, contact to talk it through, we'd like you to join us anyhow.


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Unfortunately This is an old event that's already happened. Contact the team if you're interested in similar events in the future, or browse our list of upcoming events


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