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The Inner Team Workshop

For anyone who has ever talked to themselves
Our internal dialogue has a profound effect on our health, happiness, and productivity. Being able to identify and separate our various internalised voices is a valuable skill both for ourselves and all those who we work with.
2021 Mar 18
Thu - 19:00 to 20:30 £15 per ticket

Event Detail

Our internal dialogue has a profound affect on our health, happiness, and productivity.
Many of us experience almost constant chatter in our heads, much of it unhelpful, repetitive, and often critical. 

We can learn to recognise and separate the various voices in our head, by understanding where they come from  and what their purpose is.
It is a valuable skill for coaching and personal growth, helping us to achieve a bit of inner peace ourselves, and do the same for our clients. 

Steve and Phil developed the Inner Team method by using an NLP approach - asking what would happen if we treated the characters who inhabit our headspace as real people - people who have personalities, beliefs and agendas of their own. Like everyone else, they want to be heard and understood.

Then it becomes possible to apply all that is known about successful working with external teams to get our 'inner team' operating more harmoniously .

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About The Host

Steve Roche

NLP Coach & Therapist