Being Well in Suffolk

Firing Up the Neurons

A new look at the benefits of exercise on Mental Health
Sharon Newson shares the latest information and research, with the assistance of Jill Blofield.
2021 Dec 09
Thu - 19:00 to 21:00 £6 per ticket

Event Detail

How many reasons can we find to delay or avoid exercising?

“I haven’t got time.”                                                    “I can’t get motivated.”                

“I need equipment I don’t have.”                              “I don’t know what to do.”

“There aren’t any facilities near me.”                      “I’m worried about Covid.”

“I’m scared I might injure myself.”                           “I don’t feel fit enough to start.”

“I’m too tired.”                                                              “I just don’t enjoy it.”   

… Whether you love it or hate it!

… Whether you’re in good health or struggle with exercise due to health conditions.

Come to November’s Life Lounge and explore how physical activity and exercise can benefit a range of physical and mental health conditions.  You’ll hear plenty of ideas on how to up your movement level, have the option to try out an authentic movement session, and engage in both interactive and reflective activities around motivation and overcoming barriers to exercise.


Sharon Newson is a Specialist Personal Trainer working with people living with a variety of health conditions including depression, anxiety, obesity, diabetes, cancer, and  back pain.  She is in her final year studying at Huddersfield University for a PhD in exercise and wellbeing for women living with Polycystic ovary syndrome. She has recently co-authored a published chapter in an academic textbook on exercise benefits for health conditions.
Sharon also has lived experience of depression, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and polycystic ovary syndrome which, alongside her academic prowess, she uses to empathise and encourage others to live life to the full and to see the big picture.

Jill Blofield is now a regular presenter at the Life Lounge.  She is an experienced life coach, accountant and small business adviser where she brings these skills together brilliantly.  She presents workshops on various wellbeing and finance subjects.  In all her sessions she brings a very human and practical approach to what she is presenting, based on her personal experience and wider research and investigation round the subject she is speaking on.

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