Initial post - a kind of review from memory

Following our Life lounge interactive workshop ... make it so, over the year
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Initial post - a kind of review from memory

Postby martinwilks44 » Sat Jan 12, 2019 4:35 pm

What a great workshop cooked up by Phil and Charlie last night and a good bunch of sous- chefs weren't we all?

I liked the way our learning was organised - first reminding ourselves of whatever best intentions we have yet dared to have; I liked how we were invited to feel into the embodied experience of making that sort of thing happen (getting the buzz). Then facing up to our history, or better put perhaps the story of the history that we tell ourselves; and then finding a label for that kind of storyteller - the inner critic - and accepting - as best we can- that this is the flavour of the story that the Inner critic tells.
A relief then for the reproached, cajoled, bullied - yet observing self, to next turn our interests to the Nurturing self , Compassionate self , Kind hearted one - This one seems to make room to accommodate all aspects of the experience of selfing with a warm & kindly curiosity without needing to take issue or offence.

And then it was so helpful to be reminded of the possibility of reframing the unhelpfully noisy stories of the Inner critic with some simple and effective verbal aikido! - encouraging!

(Charlie - I loved noticing how your “haven’t EVEN” began to melt into ‘haven’t’ when you applied the “up to now” re-frame!)

So, how was it for you all ?

And how are you being with your doings?


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