Welcome Initial post - - hope to hear back from you?

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Welcome Initial post - - hope to hear back from you?

Postby martinwilks44 » Fri Mar 15, 2019 2:15 pm


A great group last night; wonderful facilitation from Phil - thought, (AND ACTION), provoking.

Pleasing to meet new attendees as well as welcoming back some of our regulars (you know who you are!)

We can continue with the mutual support of being in a group by reporting back on progress. These posts are NOT out on the WWW - only visible to people logged in to the BWIS site and specifically navigating here from the link that I have shared via email.

I shared that I lack confidence with communicating on online forums - so this IS one of my small, achievable steps: to put together the forum and post upon it. I'm usually scared to contribute - expecting that an ensuing dialogue will end up taking up much of my time, OR, that no one will respond.

warm regards,


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