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Coach Group

This monthly group is open to anyone with some coach training or experience. It’s not an ‘expert' group: we are all work in progress. Share ideas, practice skills, meet other coaches; get some help with personal or business development. We meet online on a Monday evening from 7.00pm to 9.00pm. See Events for the next date.

The evening begins with a brief personal check-in, followed by time for sharing so we hear from each other about our challenges, opportunities, and learnings. (Examples: good coaching I received or delivered; information, ideas, or 'aha' moments; requests for feedback, support, buddying or networking.)


Then we divide up the time so anyone who has something to work on gets the chance to be client 121 or in a small group. We all get to give and receive coaching, so it is a great opportunity to experience different ways of working, and to learn from the skills and insights of others.  

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