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Coaching Courses

Foundation Coaching Skills training is open to all those who are committed to developing themselves through learning the skills of coaching. The course is online on Monday evenings from 7.00 to 9.00pm on these dates: SEPT 16th, 23rd, 30th. OCT 7th, 14th. NOV 4th, 11th, 18th 2024.


Between the online teaching sessions there will be assignments and practice sessions to consolidate learning. We also ask participants to identify a personal project to run throughout the training. After the course you will be able to meet in person, to join a practice group, and attend coaching workshops, and move on to advanced training.


Who comes to Coach Training? People who:

- have little or no experience of life coaching but do have a strong interest in their own personal development.

- have had some training in coach skills already, and want to deepen their understanding through practice and personal attention.

- have learned the value of being coaching as part of their work, or as a private client, or during some other kind of training.

- are trained in related areas (e.g. counselling, peer support, customer care, human resources, line management, health professionals).


What you need to bring:
A pleasure in learning and a desire to practise and develop your own skills in the company of others with the same values and interests. Curiosity about people and the way they work. Open-mindedness and non-judgementalism. Rapport-building and communication skills. Organised and secure enough to be able to finance your place. Acceptance that the ability to work with others involves developing awareness of your own issues.

What you will get:

- meet interesting people, form friendships and develop professional contacts

- work on a personal project to achieve something worthwhile during the course and learn a lot about yourself

- acquire a set of transferable skills that can be used in many areas of life and enrich all kinds of relationships

- be stimulated intellectually and broaden your knowledge and awareness in many ways

- a professional quality course from trainers with extensive experience in the field

- a certificate of completion that demonstrates your coaching skills, and qualifies you for advanced skills training.


The Personal Project
This has always been a feature of our courses – and one of the things that makes us different.
The idea is to pick something that represents a significant and worthwhile goal or achievement for you personally, which you can work on during the approximately 3 months duration of the course.

You will develop and refine your project as you go along, applying the learning to see how it works in practice. The aim is both to learn to apply the techniques AND to complete a useful piece of work.
Examples of projects: Clearing out a backlog of unwanted stuff from the house. Renovating and redecorating a room. Setting up a home office. Creating a website and marketing plan for a new business. Resolving a long-standing conflict with a colleague. Increasing personal confidence. Preparing for an upcoming presentation.


Your Commitment
Complete a questionnaire and booking form and make the payment.
Attend eight online teaching sessions.
Do coaching practices in between, online or in person.
Contribute in the group, work on your own issues, treat all others with respect and care.
Give feedback on your progress and ask questions as they arise.

Attend an in-person gathering if possible.


Pricing 2024
Corporate - £550 (paid for by an organisation)

Standard - £350. Earlybird £325.

Unwaged/student - £195. Earlybird £165.

Deposit to secure place - £50.

Deadline for earlybirds and deposits is end of June 2024.


Why choose us for Coach Training?
There are some excellent providers of training in life coaching skills. Most of them are large organisations with significant overheads, who often charge several thousand pounds for their courses. We often hear that while people get good theoretical learning from these big training firms, they rarely receive sufficient personal attention, and in particular are short of actual coaching practice.


At BWIS we know the value of personal interaction, one-to-one support, and lots of practice. Becoming a good coach can only be achieved by doing lots of coaching! Getting immediate feedback, watching and learning from others, being able to ask questions in the moment – our students highlight these as the most valuable things they get from working with us. We know that our Foundation course will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to move forward.

Coaching with BWIS:

- a tried and tested approach to learning coaching

- a team of experienced professional coaches

- expert facilitation and teaching

- eight online sessions

- teaching notes, slides, techniques, and supporting materials

- plenty of opportunities to practise, online and in person

- working on a personal project

- experiential applied learning to back up the theory

- access to Q&A sessions to resolve queries

- chance to join an ongoing community to continue your learning path

- a certificate to validate successful completion of the course

- entry to BWIS coaching groups and qualification for advanced training.


What Now
A booking form will be available shortly, meanwhile a deposit will guarantee you a place on the September training. Contact Steve on to register your interest or with any queries.

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