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Couple Coaching

This is for two people in a personal or intimate relationship, who want to work together on resolving issues and improving communication within that relationship.

Our Approach
Conventional ‘couples counselling’ is often a simple extension of the counsellor’s existing practice to incorporate two clients. The practitioner is usually trained in one form of therapy or one counselling model, sometimes with limited experience. They may be a good listener but often lack the robust facilitation skills needed to handle a couple who are experiencing difficulties, or the confidence to support people who may be influenced by strong feelings and expressions of emotion.


At BWIS we are among the few practitioners to offer couples work jointly. The fact that there are two of us gives you many benefits. It means you get twice the attention, that we can gather a lot more information, and pick up on all kinds of unspoken communication. In practical terms it gives much greater flexibility, as each of us can work with you separately or together depending what is most helpful to you at the time. The combination of our different personalities and skills gives you far more options than a single practitioner can offer.

ï         We have a wide range of approaches; you are not tied to a single model or technique.

ï         Our work is informed by established coaching methods which are more effective than counselling alone.

ï         We are comfortable with emotional intensity, and skilled at handling conflict and distress.

ï         We are adaptable and flexible; we can respond rapidly to your changing wants and needs as the work progresses.

ï         Everything we hear is treated in the strictest confidentiality; we will not be shocked and will not make judgements.

ï         We have an excellent network; if specialist help is needed we know where to refer.

Available online or face to face.
We will work with you to identify and clarify issues and conflicts within your relationship, and to ensure that you both feel heard and understood.

We will help you get clearer about what you want and need, and to work through any ‘unfinished business’. There may be frustrations and resentments that are getting in the way of harmonious communication, or longstanding issues that have never been properly aired… ambitions, dreams, desires that have not been recognised or shared; traumas and disappointments that have gone unacknowledged.


Once these things have been surfaced and faced we can progress - jointly looking at all the options and choices that you face, and helping you to make informed decisions about your preferred course of action. Then we will be alongside to support you with emotional and practical help to make it work.

Cost: : £160 First session which is 90 mins and includes a pre session questionnaire,

further sessions £110 for 60 mins (£150/100 online).

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