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Policy on Photos and Filming during BWIS Events

We use visual media to pass on helpful messages about BWIS and to show what we do. 

We understand that people engage with our events on a personal level within a confidential space to improve their own wellbeing. Anyone featured in our photos or videos must signify their agreement before their image is used in the public domain in our online or printed materials.

To respect the rights of individuals involved in the promotion or reporting of a BWIS event via photo or video, we follow these guidelines:

  1. No filming or photography will take place covertly or without consent.

  2. We consider potential use of visual material during event planning, and incorporate requests for permission into promotions and communications where relevant and practical.

  3. If photography is suggested during an event, time will be allowed for anyone not wishing to participate to leave or go offline so they are not included.

  4. Clear information will be given as to how and why the material is being used.

  5. Anyone with questions or concerns can email the BWIS Directors on

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