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PSN Network

What is Peer Support?

Peer support – helping me – helping you

For myself – BUT – not by myself

The Peer Support Network teaches you how to give and receive high-quality listening that is free from advice and judgements. We share equal time with each other in pairs.

Learn to listen to yourself and others with care and respect. Discover enough safety for yourself to be free to explore difficult feelings.

Peer Support offers us all the opportunity to create more of the life we want.


PSN is based on the principles that we all have the:

Capacity to be robust, resilient, and emotionally competent

Potential to be well and live a life that works

Power to recover, even when we are hurt and confused

Emotional flexibility to trust and accept support from others

Opportunity to heal and move on in our own time.


What will PSN ‘do’ for me?

  • Create healthier relationships

  • Deal with uncomfortable feelings and heal past hurts

  • Change old habits into new ways of behaving today

  • Improve the quality of your communication at home and at work

  • Build the confidence to have fun and enjoy life

  • Be in charge of what you do, say, and feel

  • Value yourself and others equally

  • Learn life skills to take action to make the changes you want

  • Belong to a supportive community that is free for life.


If you are interested to join a peer network read on……………

Join the Peer Support Network (PSN) to improve your wellbeing and meet like-minded people. Plus PSN is part of a worldwide group which – once you have trained - offers a peer-run therapeutic support system that is free for life. People exchange support time on an equal basis with each other, with no money changing hands.

This Suffolk-based training programme will be delivered in a variety of ways: 5 days of  in person workshops, , individual workbook, practising with a training buddy, and online Q&A.
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Be part of a wider network: Successful completion qualifies you to join (free) a peer support system called Co-Counselling International (CCI) that is active all around the world.  Find CoCo/Change your life/Mental Health and Wellbeing ( and CCI (UK): Co-Counselling (UK) Homepage


Benefits of joining this training programme:

  • Be part of a supportive community

  • Create friendships that promote wellbeing

  • Develop resilience for tough times

  • Learn to enjoy life more.

Interested? Here is how to take the next step 

Read more about the training


BOOK A FREE CHAT with the PSN Facilitator Sue Gray with any questions about the course, by emailing Sue on to arrange a time that works for us both.

Any questions email

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