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Brainstorm to Success

Mastering Coaching Skills

Mastering Coaching Skills

How often do you need to influence, inspire, or motivate the people around you, in your life or work?  Are you a natural communicator? Are you in a mentoring, managing or parenting role?

How helpful would it be to learn how to listen for what’s not being said… or have the skill to ask questions that gently challenge and cause the other to change their viewpoint. Even learn the art of the killer question: that one that causes someone to change right then and there because it is so accurately targeted.

What about you yourself – how are your levels of confidence and self-belief… are you achieving what you want… is your life working in balance and harmony… Are there frustrations, things you are stuck on, can’t work out or can’t get finished…?

People on our Foundation coaching skills course (Small Steps to Big Changes) show improvements in all of these areas. We watch them grow in confidence and commitment as they practice with each other and make changes in their lives through their personal projects.

Some of them will join us on the Advanced course (Coaching Mastery). You too can have the opportunity to develop your coaching with input from a professional team; learn NLP to make coaching even more powerful; strengthen your ability to support, motivate and influence the people around you; work with other skilled and committed people to achieve your personal objectives. 

If you're not sure that Mastering Coach Skills is for you, we also run taster events.

Taster dates to be announced.

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